BEST: An Exchange-Traded and Multi-cryptomining Hashrate Protocol

A Protocol Token Collateralized by Bitcoin Hashrate, Ethereum, Hashrate, etc.

Introducing BEST

BEST Exchange-traded and Multi-cryptomining Hashrate Protocol Token (“BEST”) is an exchange-traded mining product created for individual miners or investors, which represents a basket of multi-cryptomining power that is standardized and tokenized. 

BEST offers dual benefits: pooled investments in a basket of cryptomining power like that of an exchange-traded fund (“ETF”) and real-time trading with tick-by-tick price changes as a listed token, bringing exchange-grade liquidity to mining market.

In phase one, Each BEST token represents 0.2 TH/s Bitcoin hashrate and 0.5 MH/s Ethereum hashrate upon launch. BEST will be operated like an ETF and the project team plans to involve a basket of cryptomining power with more mainstream cryptos’ mining power on the basis of Bitcoin and Etherum.

Creating an efficient market for every market participant

By contributing mining power to the project, miners will obtain BEST tokens in return accordingly.

By trading BEST, market participants can freely enter or exit cryptomining in any size, at any time, and with low costs.

By staking BEST, holders will receive daily mining reward distributions that correspond to the mining power staked.


Learn more about BEST, connect with the BEST team, purchase BEST token, stake-to-mine or inquire about the tokenization of your mining hashrate.

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